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Technical Specification & Warranty

Quality and Certificates CE MARKING

  • In Compliance with EU Construction Products Regulations 305/2011, the notified Body ITC Czech Republic has certified the Leminex Exterior Cladding panels to the requirement laid down on Annex ZA of the product standard EN 438-7:2005.
  • Leminex as part of its philosophy of constant improvement relies on internationally renowned external companies to certify its products and process.
  • Leminex is registered with the following standards.
  • ISO 9001 on Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 on the Environment
  • Chain of Custody of products according to the PEFC on request for Leminex
  • ISO 14006 in ECO design products life cycle analysis ([CA) applied to all stages from the extraction of raw materials to the end of the life cycle
  • Leminex Meets the requirements of standard EN 438 and has the following product/construction system certificates
  • AVIS Technique from the CSTB (France)
  • Zulassung from the DITB (Germany)
  • DIP plus (Spain)
  • NFPA 285 of I NTERTEK US (United States)
  • CANS134 of INTERTEK C (Canada)
  • BBA Approval Inspection Testing Certification, Leminex excellent features have been tested in prestigious laboratories, the following stand out:
  • Reaction to fire: EN-13501
  • Graffiti resistance: ASTM D 6578


  • Resistant to Weathering as per
  • EN ISO 438-2 and EN ISO 4892-2
  • Having light fastness as per
  • EN ISO 4892-3
  • Mechanically sturdy having high Flexural tensile strength as-per EN ISO 17E
  • High screw as per
  • EN 4387
  • Low formaldehyde Emission os per EN7174
  • Suitable for all exterior applications Available in wide range of attractive colors and textures
  • Provides healthy atmosphere as it does not support micro-organic growth
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to termite
  • Self-supporting panels

Special Properties


  • Leminex Exterior Cladding panels can be exposed to combined action of sunlight and atmospheric agents such as rain, hail and wind deposits.
  • Exhaust fumes and acid rain can have mild effect on surface. Not affected by thermal shock and maintains its physical & mechanical properties.
  • Extreme climate changes such as from -10°C to +60°C or from a dry climate to 90% relative humidity do not affect the appearance properties of the panel


With due conditioning of site, moderate dimensional variation due to the effect of atmosphere; it contracts in low humidity and expands in high humidity environments
The compactness of Leminex Exterior cladding panels provides excellent mechanical properties such as flexural, tensile, and compressive and impact strength.  The homogeneity and high density of the panels ensure maximum retention.


Leminex warrants the quality of laxminex exterior cladding panels within the framework of the given values and test standards. However, they are expressly not liable for defects in the substructure of defective installation as they have no Control over the execution of these. The local building regulations are to be followed without fail-we accept no liability with regard to these. All information corresponds to the c of the technology. Suitability for particular application cannot be confirmed in general. The Product carries a 12 years guarantee, against color fading, delimitation and Bending.