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Explore high quality Laminate Sheets from "Leminex" brand for various commercial and residential uses...
Dimensional Firmness

Dimensional Firmness

flexural strength and impact strength

With collectible acquisition of site, average dimensional modification, which occur due to the atmospheric effects, it abridges in reduced humidity and spread out in high humidity conditions.

The spatial arrangement of our Exterior cladding panels offer superior mechanical attributes such as tensile comprehensiveness, flexural strength and impact strength.
The high density and uniformity of the panels insure maximal retention.


quality of exterior cladding panels

We ensure the optimal quality of exterior cladding panels, which are assembled and organized within the model of the conferred values and tested regulations. They are explicitly not apt for defects in the defective installation or substructure as they possess zero power over the action of these. The local building standards are to be adopted without any failure. All provided info of ours fit into the latest technological states and offer suitability for some peculiar applications, which can not be generally fixed.
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Leminex was Established in the year 1981 and is the oldest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminates in Europe. The total turn over of the group exceed 2.5 billion Eros per annum. Leminex today stands proud as one of the leading laminate manufacturer in the world. The company stood as the No-1 supplier of High pressure laminates in Europe for last 9 years. We have achieved all global awards viz a viz with regards to quality bench marking hence all quality related certifications are calibrated with our organization.

We take pride in the fact that Leminex is the most trusted brand in the industries and known for its commitment , best practices, finest materials and technological expertise,delivering innovative products and a superior brand experience.